Consolidated update: Building in the bear

3 min readAug 23, 2022
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It’s been a few months since our last massive update. Lots have happened and the market has definitely seen better days.

We are, as usual, committed to building. We are a lean operation and will continue to be. We’ve bootstrapped since the start and been extremely prudent with spending — whether for hiring or marketing expenditure (two areas which we’ve often been told to spend on).

We’ve stuck to the same bootstrapping methodology even before crypto Twitter cried winter, before the chaos that started in May, and before large companies in the Web2 / Web3 space started their cost cutting exercises. And as we continue to fundraise to continue development, we wanted to bring you a consolidated update on what we’ve been busy with during this bear market.

Here’s what we’ve been up to!

Game Development:

  • Character stories, personalities, sketches & concept art for 6 Lieutenant characters
  • Character sketches & concept art for 8 Survivor characters
  • Character sketches & concept art for 6 Enemy characters
  • Weapon lore, properties, sketches & concept art for 14 weapons
  • Prototype: Combat skills, FX, movesets, 3D character models, environment props & lighting
  • Music direction & composition: OST brief, spoke to & reviewed 12 music composers, completed our first OST

Business Development:

  • Reached out / spoke to 78 VCs
  • Reduced token raise valuation for bear market
  • 3x rounds of pitch deck improvements & upgrades
  • Created technical deck (Ecosystem & technical infrastructure)
  • Official partnership with BlockChainSpace
  • Official partnership with SupraOracles


  • Website content update
  • Character introduction content series
  • Economy explainer video (completed, public release TBC)
  • Announcement trailer (completed, public release TBC): Storyboard & scene direction, in-game footages, art, animation, VFX, SFX

What’s next?

We’re still extremely early in the Web3 gaming space, and we continue to be bullish because of these reasons:

  • Traditional gaming firms (e.g. Ubisoft, Square Enix, Epic Games) are leading the way for Web3 gaming
  • Institutions have invested heavily in Web3 gaming
  • Gaming has proven itself to be recession-resilient
  • Typical game development timeline implies influx of high quality Web3 games within the next 3–5 years
  • Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) for Web3 gaming is about 10x higher than traditional gaming

In fact, we’ve a number of exciting plans for the coming months and they include:

  • Website framework upgrade
  • More website content updates (Product + ecosystem features)
  • Official Discord server
  • Teaser campaign & announcement trailer release
  • Genesis NFT collection launch (VRF + fully-on-chain)

So be sure to stay tuned and follow us for more updates!

About Timeleap Industries

Timeleap Industries is a multiplayer action RPG where Survivors work to rebuild a fallen Earth. Besides an immersive lore, players can expect a different playthrough each time with classless characters, a rogue-like skills roulette and randomly generated enemy AI strategies.

Other key gameplay features include land ownership which allows players to harvest raw materials from the land they own, and a robust crafting system which promotes the unlocking of crafting recipes as a community.

Timeleap Industries is also supported by a robust ecosystem: A gamer-centric DEX, Creator Kits, an in-game economy analytics & monitoring system, and collateralized NFTs.

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Action RPG that empowers gamers (with assets that have real value) and provides a sustainable play-and-earn experience.