New Dimension Pool partner: POLYDeFi

Hey everyone, we’re excited to share with you our very first Dimension Pools partner — POLYDeFi!

Now this is NOT the usual pool exchange sort of partnership, read on to find out more 😉


POLYDeFi is an upcoming tiered Initial Fund Offering (IFO) launchpad on the Polygon chain. Its goal is to help new Polygon projects raise funds by setting up a “tiered launchpad pool”.

All launchpad pools will require a LP token lock. The more LP tokens get locked by an investor,

  • The higher his/her tier will be
  • The more USDC he/she can stake
  • The more allocation of the IFO he/she will acquire

OCTAGON holders can stake USDC according to the tiered launchpad pool that they have qualified for, to receive an allocation of the IFO.

Besides the upcoming launchpad, POLYDeFi also has the typical farm and pool features, which is where this partnership comes in!

Partnership details

This is the biggie: Timeleap will be auto-compounding POLYDeFi’s dividend pools, a never-before-seen type of pool partnership, and part of our #FarmRevolution.

Most auto-compounding vaults are for the project’s single stake native or for certain farm LPs — we’re pretty sure Timeleap is the first in this space to offer auto-compounding dividend pools!

That’s not all, because the partnership also includes:

  • A dedicated partner page for POLYDeFi on the Timeleap website (includes a nice ad banner spot). Extra love for our partners and something different and extra that we’re doing 😄
  • Cross marketing (Twitter, Telegram, Medium)
  • Cross AMAs


Visit the POLYDeFi Dimension Pools

Stake OCTAGON and earn even more OCTAGON rewards via the magic of auto-compounding.

➡️ Visit the POLYDeFI Dimension Pools on Timeleap Finance — it’s LIVE.



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