Post-mortem for Capsule bug

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Update (28 Oct):

Right after publishing this article, we decided to prioritize transfer of funds back to the wallets staked in USDC, USDT, WETH, WBTC, LINK and DAI Capsules.

We’d originally thought it would take 1–2 weeks, but we’ve made good progress and managed to clean the data within the same day. Timelocks have already been set up, for funds to be transferred from our 3 day timelock treasury to the respective wallets.

The list of wallets and values to be transacted are shown in the image below. You may also view the table here. All transfers will be sent to the respective wallets by Nov 3, 5pm UTC!

Update: 29 Oct

MC has been redeployed and transferred to a 24h Timelock.

MC contract: 0x48b4316eBB5EDa7ecae2A4cEFBDFb66841e1EFA5

Here’s what we did:

1. Forked PolySage MC, which was audited by Paladin. Let’s call this Timeleap MC v2. View PolySage MC Contract.

2. Fixed PolySage’s MC to make it ERC20 compatible (PolySage MC was a fork of BSC token standards)

3. Removed the minting functions from Timeleap MC v2. It will not mint any more TIME tokens since we have reached max supply. However, farming still continues due to our Buyback-and-Make tokenomics.

4. These are the MC settings:

- Max deposit fees of 4%

- Current emission rate of 0.00125 TIME / block

- Max emission rate of 0.05 TIME / block

- MC no longer mints 10% of TIME to devAddress (since we’ve hit max supply, there will be no minting capabilities, TIME will forever have a max supply of 86,400)

5. We’ve added the same Capsules & Timeleaps back. They can be viewed under the Capsules page on our site:

Yes, we merged Timeleaps into the Capsules page. Timeleaps and Capsules now function similarly to Wormholes. This means you just need to stake a single currency and withdraw in the same currency — even for LPs since there’s no longer a need for manual forming of LP!

These 10 are found on the new Capsules page:


- TIME-WETH (25x)

- USDC-TIME (25x)

- WMATIC (10x)

- USDC (10x)

- USDT (10x)

- DAI (10x)

- WETH (10x)

- WBTC (10x)

- LINK (10x)

6. We’ve decided that we will not be collecting any deposit fees (Note that there will be a small 1% withdrawal fee when you stake in Capsules)

7. Last but not least, we’ve also contributed 378 TIME from the devAddr (approx 7 days of farming duration just to ensure that farming of TIME continues). We will review this on a weekly basis in order to ensure that the Buyback and make system is running smoothly. Our goal is still to ensure a sufficient float of 2,160 TIME before raising emission rates.



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Action RPG that empowers gamers (with assets that have real value) and provides a sustainable play-and-earn experience.