Timeleap Industries partners with BlockchainSpace, Guild Hub of the Metaverse

2 min readJul 29, 2022


We’re excited to announce our partnership with BlockchainSpace — the leading solutions-provider for GameFi guilds, enabling more than 24,000 guilds and 2 million players to scale in the metaverse!

BlockchainSpace provides tooling and infrastructure for guilds and games, functioning as a connector between both parties.

At Timeleap Industries, we’ve always believed in building sustainable and circular economies. As the GameFi industry starts to place more importance on sustainability, we seek guilds who share a similar progressive mindset and recognize the importance of working with them from an early stage. Partnering with BlockchainSpace and its network of guilds was therefore a natural choice for us.

We look forward to working closely with BlockchainSpace on the following aspects:

  • Conducting playtests with guilds and collecting feedback / insights
  • Onboarding early gamers to the Timeleap game ecosystem
  • Developing custom game analytics solutions
  • Hosting co-marketing events across multiple platforms

About BlockchainSpace

BlockchainSpace (BSPC) enables play-to-earn guilds to scale in the metaverse. We build tools to empower gaming communities and manage scholarship programs. We identify economic opportunities in games and connect guilds with gamers, game titles, and investors.

We are empowering the next generation of play-to-earn gamers and guild owners to become successful entrepreneurs by equipping them with essential, scalable infrastructure, digital tools, financing solutions, and networking opportunities.

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About Timeleap Industries

Timeleap Industries is a multiplayer action RPG where Survivors work to rebuild a fallen Earth. Besides an immersive lore, players can expect a different playthrough each time with classless characters, a rogue-like skills roulette and randomly generated enemy AI strategies.

Other key gameplay features include land ownership which allows players to harvest raw materials from the land they own, and a robust crafting system which promotes the unlocking of crafting recipes as a community.

Timeleap Industries is also supported by a DeFi-powered ecosystem: Collateralized NFTs with real value, a gamer-centric DEX, and an in-game economy analytics & monitoring system.

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Action RPG that empowers gamers (with assets that have real value) and provides a sustainable play-and-earn experience.