Transcript: JetSwap Finance AMA with Timeleap (Aug 30th)

13 min readSep 1, 2021


We hosted the very first AMA in our Telegram on Monday 30 Aug, 2pm UTC — and it was with Flight Commander Miro from JetSwap Finance!

Here’s what went down:


We’ll be muting this Telegram group in a bit for the AMA with JetSwap!

There’s a reward of $50 $TIME & $50 pWINGS — so if you’ve got a question for JetSwap, be sure to submit it on our Google form and you might just be one of the lucky winners:

JK Moriarty

Ok seems like our mute is working, ahem mic test. I’d like to welcome @jetfuelmiro to our TG for an intense AMA today! @cookiedeck_v2 and I are your hosts for today, gonna be a fun TIME to discuss our flight itinerary!


Thanks @jetfuelmiro for joining us here at this AMA!

Flight Commander Miro

Glad to be here guys!


Our community is thrilled that JetSwap is now an official partner with Timeleap!

JK Moriarty

Hope you had a great rest buddy


I hope your fingers are ready. ​Ok, first question!

Could you share an introduction on what JetSwap is about as well as the product features that us yield farmers might use?


Now we request your full attention as the flight attendants demonstrate the safety features of this AMA


Buckle up!

Flight Commander Miro

Absolutely! And likewise, we’re very happy with the partnership with Timeleap. 🚀🚀🚀🚀

Jetswap is the DEX AMM of the expansive Jetfuel Ecosystem.

An AMM is an automated Market Maker. The AMM model is perfect for DEX (decentralized exchanges) because it eliminates the need for an order book.

The more liquidity the users add, the better the rates and trading experience users can experience.

The goal for Jetswap is to become the #1 AMM on every chain we build on!

We have a full list of amazing features to help our 40,000 weekly users profit in Defi

✅ Low swap fees — 0.3% on BSC and 0.1% on Polygon. The lowest fees on Polygon Network!

✅ No Fees — there are no deposit, withdraw, or staking fees. Just pay the tiny swap fee when trading to ensure the liquidity providers gain some incentive

✅ WINGS/pWINGS liquidity mining. You can earn the WINGS token on BSC and the pWINGS token on Polygon by providing liquidity to the exchange in the form of LP tokens and depositing the LP tokens to the Farm Page

✅ Pool Earnings: Earn up to 13 different cryptos using your WINGS or pWINGS by staking!

✅ Lottery: pWINGS/WINGS hold a massive jackpot lottery each day. The first prize winner can win 50% of the pot and 20% of each pot is burned. Tickets are only 10 WINGS or pWINGS each

✅ Launchpad: Our incredibly successful launch pad helps projects raise funds using the WINGS-BNB or pWINGS-MATIC lp tokens.

✅ Gaming: Gamble with your WINGS/PWINGS with our Treasurekey partnership and earn up to 19x on your bets!

✅ Partnership Incentive Program: Jetswap seeks to support its partners with development, consulting, marketing, and growth support.

✅ Auto compounding Vaults: Put your earnings on autopilot. Our vaults will take your yield and harvest, sell, compound, redeposit, and repeat, with out you doing anything. And if you want to speed up the compounding in the vaults, we’ll even pay you 0.5% of each compound as a gas incentive.

✅ Analytics: Our info page displays every crypto token, trade, liquidity add or remove events

Done 😉


Wow that’s a long list of features! No wonder your admin tag is No TIME to waste

JK Moriarty

Sounds like we’re partnered with one of the best teams with the same thirst for success!

Flight Commander Miro

haha there really isn’t! The team at Jetswap/Jetfuel/Fortress is incredibly busy all the time.


So given that JetSwap has an extensive list of features, how do you think JetSwap compares against other competing AMMs on Polygon such as WaultSwap, ApeSwap, or QuickSwap?

Flight Commander Miro

So the very simple answer is we’re the only project that does literally everything in DeFi under 1 roof.

We’ll be the ONLY AMM with yield farms, auto compounding vaults with yield boosts, launchpad, Money Market for Lending and borrowing crypto, crypto games, partner incentive program and NFTs!

Everyday we’re building to improve our features and build new features.

We know that DeFi moves FAST

So the more development we can push out, the better for the end user.

To put this into perspective. An investor can take his matic, swap it to USDC, pair the USDC with MATIC to create an LP token. Deposit the LP token to the pWINGS yield farm and begin to earn trading fees + pWINGS liquidity rewards. He can put his yield on autopilot with the autocompoouding vaults, which does all the steps of yield farming automatically and gasslessly so he can earn 24/7. 🤑

He can use his pWINGS-MATIC LPs to buy into promising and vetting IJOs (Initial Jetswap Offering). 📈

He can even supply his Matic and borrow other tokens like Bitcoin or Ether from the Money Market. 🏦

If he’s feeling good he can gamble with the pWINGS he earned for a chance at a jackpot up to 19x with our Treasurkey partnership with 4 games. 🎰

The Jetswap team fully vets partners. This means we won’t be promoting shitcoins or projects with a risk of rugpull! So users can feel SAFU when they’re trading and investing. ✅

We’re also exploring a DAO structure to give the community full control over the direction of the project. We’ll put the power into the hands of those who hold the WINGS/pWINGS token. 🤗



Nice, gonna leave this here for a bit for people to read

JK Moriarty

I’m so glad that we’ve been vetted by JetSwap and have managed to get that stamp of approval directly from you @jetfuelmiro !


It’s cool that you’re planning to explore a DAO structure, that’s one of the things we’re planning to do as well

JK Moriarty

Being part of the JetSwap family means a lot to us, especially when we’re very aligned with what DeFi should be!


Gotta say, we’re delighted to be part of JetSwap’s incentive program!

Flight Commander Miro

exactly! Timeleap is awesome ❤️


Could you share a quick introduction on the incentive program? Also, how does your incentive program compare to other partner programs that are being offered on Polygon?

Flight Commander Miro

An AMM/Exchange is only as strong as the liquidity provided and the selection of high quality tokens to trade. The more liquidity added and the more quality projects that’s are available for trading means naturally more users will come to the exchange to trade.

This benefits Jetswap with trading fees and helps to boost the projects listed with more exposure.

The $1 Million Jetswap Incentive Program is designed to find quality projects and assist them in anyway possible as well as pay them a $2,500-$25,000 Incentive 30 days after they join the program.

Incentive Graduates will receive our full marketing support. They’ll get frequent shout outs on our 85,000 followers on Twitter, an AMA in our 30,000 member Telegram group, liquidity support with high APR yield farms at Jetswap. WINGS holders will be able to earn their token, putting their token into far more hands with our Pilot Pools.

They also get any other assistance needed from our team to ensure their success. We believe that the stronger our partner projects get, the stronger we can also become as a DeFi Ecosystem.

JetSwap — A next evolution DeFi exchange on Binance Smart Chain and Polygon

The most popular AMM on BSC and Polygon by user count! Earn WINGS through and pWINGS yield farming or win it in the Lottery, then stake it in Pilots Pools to earn more tokens! Initial Farm Offerings (new token launch model pioneered by JetSwap), NFTs, and more, on a platform you can trust.

PS: Time-ETH right now has an 810% APR at

Done 😜


Can’t wait for Timeleap to be an Incentive Graduate 😝

Just wondering, was there any inspiration behind you starting the Incentive Program?

Flight Commander Miro

The Timeleap team is qualified for a $12,500 incentive!

It was actually a core idea in our original road map from December 😁

We have always been a project that values partnerships

JK Moriarty

So the accelerator program got accelerated, very noice!

Flight Commander Miro

But we’ve very picky 😉

As they say, “a rising tide lifts all boats”

Your success is our success.


Aha, so why did you pick Timeleap to be your first Incentive Partner? We’re still amazed to be the first one

JK Moriarty

I’m sure our community (and us) are dying to know

Flight Commander Miro

Timeleap was picked for 3 reasons.

🥇. Sound tokenomics. You guys have a plan to keep providing value to the TIME token long after TIME emissions have expired. Generally token holders want to earn yield, and with the launch of your ATM program, the yield *should never expire*.

🥈. Audited Contracts prior to launch. Security over everything! We avoid projects with shitty code that would harm the community

🥉. @jkmoriarty & @cookiedeck_v2 are truly in it for the long haul. They started Timeleap after some nasty exploits and rug pulls to give the community a safe place to farm. Jetfuel started from the same experience!


That’s interesting, I never knew Jetfuel started from the same experience

JK Moriarty

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, I’m sure you’d agree as well @jetfuelmiro

We want to make DeFi a safer place so we can all sleep well at night!

And perhaps, even take over the entire banking industry when the time comes!

Flight Commander Miro

haha watch out Goldman !


Oh yeah

JK Moriarty

Sshhh what if he’s here



Lots of ambitious plans! So, where do you see Jetfuel/Jetswap/Fortress in 6 months?

Flight Commander Miro

We are ALWAYS building and always looking for opportunities to improve our service and products.

We have our eyes set on going cross chain again to AVAX,’s blockchain, and possibly Fantom.

This will also give our partner projects (cough cough Timeleap) an opportunity to go cross chain with us if they so desire.

Our Ecosystem has grown to a large scale with a number of tokens like $FUEL, $JETS, $WINGS, $PWINGS, $FTS, $GFORCE, & $PFORCE.

We’re developing a plan to consolidate our tokens into 1 or 2 primary tokens to make the Jetswap/Jetfuel/Fortress experience easier for the hard core and beginner investor.

The consolidation will bring a number of benefits to the holder with revenue share, increased governance rights, and the opportunity to deploy yield farms and earn on any chain. We’ll also be making it suuuper easy to earn with yield farming, vaults, lending, and NFTs.

TLDR: consolidate the ecosystem. Make things easier for the everyday user, and keep improving our products and services.

Also: NFTs



I like the idea of consolidation to create an improved ecosystem. Wait, is this still top secret at this point in time? 😂

JK Moriarty

Sounds amazing, if we continue down this path, we’re gonna have trouble containing our moonbois.

Timeleap’s vision is aligned with JetSwap in this sense, we’ve also mentioned that we’re intending to go cross-chain in future, but we’re more interested in working on on- | off-ramp technologies. The idea is to make the intangible tangible and vice versa.

Flight Commander Miro

haha it’s slowly getting leaked as the idea matures 👨‍💻

JK Moriarty

we’re coming from a tax perspective towards intangible assets (cough cough)

DeFi is the people’s money and it should remain that way

Flight Commander Miro

Nice! keep on building.


We like partnering with ambitious projects!

Now.. on the topic of partnerships: Are there ways we can take our partnership further than what it already is? We’d like to know if we can work towards future partnership milestones together.

Do share your thoughts on mid-term and long-term goals for partners together with the target KPIs that we should expect to achieve together 😄

Flight Commander Miro

of course!

We’re assisting with more liquidity options with Timeleap on the addition of the TIME-USDC farm!

We’re always here to assist and our team is pretty much online 24/7.

Mid-Term is to consult on your token plans to ensure token value and to maximize your holders. Increasing liquidity is a massive goal as well. More liquid = bigger traders can confidently trade the token.

In crypto, any goal can be 10x’d and achieved. So lets pump Timeleap up!

Flight Commander Miro

Our long term goal at Jetswap is to hit $1 billion in TVL and we can’t get there without quality projects 😁


JK Moriarty

That’s one of the main reasons we went with you @jetfuelmiro

When we first spoke to you and your team, we really loved the sincerity, alignment and sincerity towards helping us succeed.

We’ve spoken to a number of other potential partners, and we didn’t receive a similar response.

I’m glad Jet picked us up and we’re onboard towards our next destination!


The community is already eagerly anticipating the launch of the TIME-USDC farm on JetSwap. Do you happen to have an ETA on when that will happen? 😝

Flight Commander Miro

That’s right!! We’re here to help, always

JK Moriarty

We’re also working really hard to add JetSwap Farms into our vaults in order to offer more visibility to JetSwap pairs, securing more liquidity for the AMM!

Flight Commander Miro

haha less than 48 hours!


Awesome — there you go people. Here’s your answer lol

Ok, last question!


At Timeleap, we believe in mutually beneficial partnerships. As partners, we’d like to know how we can help grow JetSwap in Polygon to be larger than the competitors in the same space 😄

JK Moriarty

I’d like to add that no partnership is short-term, being transparent about this helps inform our community and us about what we should be expecting of each other

So tell us, what can we do to help JetSwap?


While @jetfuelmiro is answering this last question, be sure to submit any questions you have for JetSwap on our Google form!

We’re giving away $50 $TIME and $50 pWINGS and you might just be one of the lucky winners!

Flight Commander Miro

Regardless if you’re a defi project, brick and mortar retail business, or run a non profit.

Customer Service and ease of use is critical.

Keep building great features, make it EASY for your investors to understand what you’re doing, and keep the community happy!

Happy holders will be your strongest asset as developers and so far it looks like your community is growing and thriving.

Keep focusing on building liquidity of your TIME token and the ATMs.

That’s pretty much it. It’s a simple answer 😁

JK Moriarty

simple yet profoundly true. Built on strong fundamentals that describes how the market behaves

great UX + well-designed systems go a long way =)


Yup we’re definitely aligned about growing a good community and educating as much as possible

Let’s keep hustling to bring our ambitious plans to fruition!

Alrighty, it’s time to move on to the next phase of this AMA!

Flight Commander Miro



@jetfuelmiro go ahead and pick 5 questions from the Google form responses 😄

Flight Commander Miro

wow! 33 great questions submitted.

ok 1 sec lets see 👀

Community question #1: Besides whitelisting TIME and creating the TIME-WETH LP, what other opportunities are there to look out for?

Ans: TIME-USDC with a 1x multiplier to earn pWINGS coming soon!

Also Timeleap will build some ATMs around Jetswap LPs which will help their TIME Token!

Community question #2: When I tried to open your website it didn’t work for me. I kept trying it but I am unknown about the problem I had. Is your project a global or local project and are there any restrictions to certain users or anyone from the world can access on your project? If you have any backup website or alternative server please provide me the link. How can I buy your token??

Ans: Please DM us anytime there’s an error so our dev team can fix it! Our team can generally fix any error in only a few hours.

To answer your second part. Head to Jetswap 😁

Community question #3: The most obvious benefit you can offer Timeleap will be exposure. Are there any plans to take the partnership beyond that? Also, is there anything you believe Timeleap has to offer which will benefit Jetswap? Or In other words: “What’s in it for you?”

Ans: Liquidity, trading fees, and to help a project grow

Community question #4: Does JetSwap have plans to include products like Info Page, Limit Orders or Stop Loss, making it more attractive to users?

Ans: Yes, these advanced features are on the road map. There’s a few 3rd parties that have build this capability and we’re analyzing which one would be the best for us to implement.

Community question #5: “Hi @jetfuelmiro

will JETSWAP ever consider create its own NFTs and making functions for the NFT like stake for WINGS/pWINGS? Since the NFT market right now is massive for example crypto punk sold more than $10m just for an 8 bit jpeg NFT and on top of that a lot of gaming platform P2E launching as well as some other DeFi actually Staking NFTs to earn their NATIVE TOKENS.”

Ans: Yes! We’re building our own 10,000 NFT collection now. Keep your eyes on our socials when we’re ready to deploy the collection.


Is one of them you?

Flight Commander Miro

haha guess we’ll never know


Alright, so that’s 5 questions! Thanks @jetfuelmiro for doing this AMA with us today!

We’ll be in touch with the winners for the rewards 😄 Is there anything else you’d like to share before we conclude this AMA? And unmute the chat haha

Flight Commander Miro


Let me share the links 😁

🌐 Website:

🐥 Twitter:

☎️ Telegram:


Cool, head over to the URLs above if y’all wanna check out JetSwap!

We hope that those of you who attended the AMA had an enjoyable session with Flight Commander Miro — because we certainly did!

Our Telegram group may still be small (especially since we had to undergo a TG reset), but we’ve an active community and we’re looking forward to hosting more AMAs with future partners!

Find us here:




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